The Mission

Legacy Summit Mission


The global fashion industry is critical to economies and populations the world over. Valued at close to three trillion dollars, it supports multiple sectors and inspires generation after generation to enter its doors.

Yet as we face the challenges of addressing its environmental impact and support of worker empowerment, the industry is under pressure and facing a clear call to action: adapt to the new normal of circularity, system redesign and accountability or risk its very future.

In this era of transparency, the call is getting louder. Remaining relevant in a post growth world means radically reinventing value, purpose and profits. In so doing, we can recognise the vast ecosystem within which the fashion industry lies, unlocking numerous opportunities for creating a new legacy. One that is regenerative, restorative and empathic in nature.

Legacy is about the future as well as the here and now. The responsibility belongs to all of us.

This is our legacy. What will yours be?