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Best UI Design Courses In 2023

UI design, or User Interface design, refers to how digital products are designed to provide users with an intuitive and user-friendly experience. This includes everything from designing the layout of a website or app to creating buttons and other interactive elements. Good UI design is essential to creating digital products people enjoy using and effectively…


Leaders Speak Up: Building the Right Legacy

Our house is on fire.  Climate change is the defining agenda of our times. Dramatically altering temperatures impact nations worldwide, often above the 1.5C target climate scientists such as those at Yale Environment have set as the “scientifically justifiable” temperature increase threshold.  The fashion industry, like all industries, is a contributor to the climate crisis.…



Legacy 2019 was about more than big ideas. Just under a year ago over 300 fashion industry leaders gathered in Sydney to connect, debate and commit to making change. But like the latest fast fashion runway knockoff, talk is cheap. What’s changed? Speakers and delegates alike have been acting on those commitments, driving significant progress…



Grace Stratton, Co-Founder of All is for All chatted with Peppermint Magazine in the lead up to her Legacy Keynote on 2 April. Published in Peppermint Magazine 11 March 2020 Online shopping can be tricky enough at the best of times, but for those with a disability the experience can be a minefield. New Zealand-based…