The Summit

“…an engaging, collaborative, informative summit that is undoubtedly the way forward for brands of the future.”

– Brenda Murray, Outland Denim

The inaugural LEGACY conference in 2019, opened by Edwina McCann, Editor of Vogue Australia, was designed to prompt action, promote change and made a call for bold leadership across all levels of the industry. Highlighting a cross section of the industry’s most pressing issues, 300 international and local delegates heard from over fifty business leaders, designers, government representatives, labour rights specialists, investors, climate scientists all working towards a kinder and gentler fashion industry for all.

For 2020, LEGACY 2.0 will go further in exploring how business in the fashion industry can and must be done differently. Through a series of keynote presentations, expert panel conversations and interactive breakout sessions with international and local speakers, attendees will hear from innovators, thought leaders and system thinkers challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries and creating opportunities.

We will learn how fashion can sustain truly dignified livelihoods, what accessible design can deliver, what modern slavery looks like from the frontline, explore how building relationships with suppliers can return positive impact to workers and the link between purchasing practices and wages.

Legacy is about the future as well as the here and now.

Join us in shaping the future of the fashion industry for good.

Who should attend?

LEGACY will be of particular interest to Chief Executive, Finance and Operating Officers, industry personnel responsible for managing ethical sourcing and sustainability agendas, procurement and risk management professionals, design, buying and fabric teams, emerging designers, civil society, academia, industry and fashion graduates.